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this has been my fave Sherlock post for like a year

never gets old


what if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you had turned into your tumblr icon


Haalarimerkki, jotta voisin pitää lapsuuteni traumat aina mukanani


Haalarimerkki, jotta voisin pitää lapsuuteni traumat aina mukanani

totallyfrandom said: Lucky you. Usually I get physical pain the first 1-2 days. Then there’s the mood… however I wouldn’t say it’s as much “intense” as the pain. <_< It’s good that you treat yourself with something nice. :3 You deserve it. Take care! *hugs*

Ouuf yea i can recognize that.Yeah but in the end it variers a lot, like in my young age I got much physical pain, but nowdays not so much(imaybe my body is immune/is igonoring the pain lmao, that would be something). Ayways yeaaaah i shall(and  u too), x3 *hugs*

@totallyfrandom said: Lingonvecka?? *brain is buffering* OH. LINGONVECKA. X´D (gonna use that word from now on, if I remember that) Anyway, I so feel you. #1 thing that sucks to be a woman. :< *hugs*

Best word to use, trust me. I dunno where i heard it from, propably from my highschool. XD Yaaaaaaaaaa. it suxs so bad, not like in pysical pain, lucky i dont have that problem. Butmy mood goes so bananas and im constantly paranoid over everyting and anything. Oh well im gunna eat a pizza and chocolate so i can calm myself down from all the anger. >_>

cyberalpaca said: there is no need to tear up your insides, your uterus does it by itself.

Yea but the problem is it “heals” itself afterward, like stay tear up and disappear forever, bye bye uterus i dont need ya. Its like a boss fight that never ends. hyehyueheyue >_>  XD

fekkin hata lingonvecka. Im gunna tear up my inside.